We believe that God created us to live together in community and that he uses community to help us live life the way he designed it. Our Wellness groups provide an avenue not only for building community but also for engaging in wholisitc growth. We engage with topics that affect the different areas of our lives with the hope of  being transformed by Jesus. Wellness groups meet bi-weekly for an hour for three-months. The groups are intended to encourage wholistic wellness in our faith journey. 

Fall Wellness Group 1 - The Deeply Formed Life
September 18th - November 13th 6PM - 7PM

Join us this fall for a three-month bi-weekly discussion on five tranformative values that root us in the way of Jesus. Following Jesus in our world can be a challenge. Our pace can be too frenetic to be in union with God, and we often don't know how to quiet our hearts and minds to be present with him. But God calls us into a life of purpose in communion with him. Join us as we examine how we can be deeply formed by Christ. 

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Fall Wellness Group 2 - The Reason For God
October 10th - December 19th 6PM - 7PM Savage Library

Join us this fall for a three-month bi-weekly conversation on six common doubts and objections to Christianity.  Using literature, philosophy, and Scripture, we will explore the truth of Christianity with the aim of sparking honest, enriching, and humbling dialogue. We will have conversations on questions such as is the Bible a myth, why does God allow suffering, and more. 

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